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The woman's witty remark was unheard as Sengo could only stare at the lustrous eyes of the Cloud shinobi. It was a wonderful sight to behold for a Naga, a Naga that was also a Honekaigi. Knowledge, exploration, and excitement were the kind of things Sengo lived for. AS the two continued to head through the door the thought of what this place was continued to race through his knowledgeable head. He didn't recognize the symbols, he had never seen golden spider, and once more they created golden silk. This place was a treasure trove of knowledge and Sengo would have to share it with someone that didn't seem to care. The kind of person that enjoyed to take pictures, like she was on a vacation.

The corridor was like the other but this one led Sengo to a table illuminated by three candles. The books were what really interested Sengo; he began to delve into its contents. They were interesting reads, the kinds of books that he was familiar with, however, he had never read these ones. They were wrapped in a fleshy tome and the words were a dark crimson. It was obvious that this book was not the kind of book he should be reading. Only sifting through the book he was intrigued by the talk of splicing, combining two or more animals together. The pictures also bore a resemblance to some work he had once seen but could not recall.

Suddenly, a voice rang out from the dark abyss, the cloud shinobi he was with seemed to have moved up ahead and had discovered something that Sengo completely ignored. Rows and rows of test tubes lined the makeshift book cases. Each jar had a different type of monstrous creation that resembled spiders. It seemed that wherever they were, it was not safe. Surely the tomes lining the case would release some secrets to the lab they had just stepped in but there was no time for such things. the thought that Naga did these sort of things almost took Sengo aback.

Sengo wasn't the one to use humans as his subjects, at least not kill them for his own gain by mutating them. He didn't mind the animal testing though. Wiping the dust from one of the jars revealed a fetus; a monkey that had eight arms. Each one of its hands ended on a piercing point. Suddenly, it moved and it forced Sengo to jump into the opposite wall.

"This is the work of Naga, Naga that might have lost their way. I know my brethren are a crazy bunch but I have never seen anything of this caliber. I was reading the books over there and it talked of splicing different animals. It seems, it's on human trials now." Sengo stated, referring to the human hand.

The two continued towards the inner sanctum of the lab and the glow of something caught Sengo eyes. Going to investigate the luminance he came upon a large test tube. Inside was a man. Spider arms sprawled out to its side. It was a skinny, pale man, eyes pitch black and it seemed like the body of a spider was holding fast to his back. Suddenly, the water began to bubble and the hand of the man clapped against the tube. The spider legs started to ram into the tube; out burst the monstrosity. Its eyes dead locked on the duo.

"Holy fuck" Sengo stated as he prepared his sword for the fight.

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