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As Sero moved deeper in, and dampened the sound he was giving off, the sound from the conversation became more audible. The voice was small, almost like a child talking. But the tone of the conversation wasn't childlike at all.

"He knows quite a few techniques, ones I haven't seen before, too. It will make it difficult to keep him in one place, but that doesn't mean that we have a choice. She demands we bring him in. The last one is proving... unworthy."

The web took on a tunnel like shape, and the voice was coming from the left side of it. Up ahead a little light was coming into the tunnel, there were breaks in the webbing, like barred windows looking into a room like area along the left. But the light was still dim, and from a distance there was nothing to see.

"We need to move, we cannot fail."

At the far end, the tunnel faded off into darkness. But there was a chittering, loud and violent. It sounded like another monster, not unlike the creature Sero already slayed, maybe larger.
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