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OOC: Sorry for the delay. Night shifts make it impossible for me to get anything else done

In all the chaos of the tunnel, it was almost impossible to see what Sero's ice spears were doing. The blows went out, and then the screams from the monster went to a higher pitch, there was thrashing against the walls of the cave, and the normal-like spiders within the webbing of the walls all came out at once spread all around, webbing falling toward Sero from the ceiling, the screams echoed in the halls.

When the sensory overload faded, the spider creature was there, its body pierced through the chest and head by his ice spears. All over its body were the smaller spiders, hundreds of them if not more, at work on the body. What they were doing was impossible to tell, but the creature was still and lifeless. It seemed like the body was shrinking, like they were devouring it.

The only noise in the tunnel now was the sound of their work, and a voice. The voice was far away, further into the depths of the dungeon he had entered. It wasn't the screaming of his former compatriot, or the cries of a child. It was someone having what seemed like a casual conversation, but too far away for Sero to make out.

He was left with the choice of leaving then, or going forward.
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