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The barrage of snowballs struck the large monster, screams of agony left it as the balls froze on impact, froze along the walls and floor. It didn't stop it from moving, but it was clear the creature was infuriated by the strange attacks.

Further down the tunnel, there was another creature. It was large, almost cat sized, but clearly still a spider. At the distance it was at, it wasn't more than a blob of shadow. When it saw Sero continue to fight against the monster, it seemed to dig into the wall of webbing, and go into hiding.

The monster spider, despite being weakened, was not willing to give up. The breathing of the creature was slower, but there. It lumbered forward, breaking through the wall of frozen ice balls, and bringing both of its large claws up to bring them down on what it was sure was now the real Sero.
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