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At that point Sero was thoroughly confused with his situation. The tunnel he was once walking down seemed to end in a sort of den like area. The feeling of being watched continued to emanate from all over and he didn’t let his guard down in the least. As Sero looked closer within his surroundings he couldn’t help to realize that he was now trapped. Within the webs of the spider beasts he was looking to be the next dinner. However, his fear turned into curiosity as a wall began to shift. The spider webs slowing breaking apart to reveal a scene of surrealism.

Within the woods that had opened were a table, not a wooden but web like table that made Sero confused and curious. Above said table was a beast and though Sero promised himself to attack anything that wasn’t human; it was the words that came out of the monster that stopped his attack.

Entering the arena carefully, Sero looked for any traps and as he grew closer to the table and talking spider he gave himself enough room to prepare for anything that might happen.

”I will not be sitting, I prefer to stand. What are you anyways?” Sero demanded as the looming ice balls hung overhead.

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