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The screams of the monster echoed through the hallway of the dense and now highly populated hallway. The feeling that the constricting webs were wrapping around Sero was all in his head, however, it didn't make it any less real. Sero was scared for his life at this point and although the screams ushered in the idea that he had landed a blow, the continuing barrage of over stimulation proved that the monster was still alive. The sound of the shattering ice also proved to Sero that he was drawing closer and closer. The beast was about the size of Sero and it proved to be a helpful tip off to Sero as a shadow lumbered into his view. The monster's mandibles dug into the arms of Sero as he blocked the blow. The pain was unbearable but Sero knew he had to finish the job. He had him right where he needed him. Pushing off of the monster Sero jumped and while jumping clapped his hand. Around him three spears frozen in mid air and propelled to where the monster was hopefully still standing.

Sero wouldn't be able to take a hit like that without some real damage, however, he hoped that this would put the beast down.

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