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The sound of the attack landing made Sengo happy for the moment, however, there was not much else he could do as the smoke guard was something that Sengo knew was nearly perfect. However, he was able to defeat two out of the three guards and that would probably be enough for what he was hoping to do next. However, he would have to think on his feet as the pressured volley ball sized smoke came after him and his clones.

As the smoke came so did the clones. They all lined up protecting Sengo, nearly all of the smoke projectiles being intercepted. Being so close to No name was also an asset as the continuous smoke explosions filled the area with more and more smoke. Each clone adding to that barrage of smoky hazards. Within a few seconds the whole area would be filled with smoke. Sengo would be screwed if he couldn’t see within the smoke but as the smoke continued to hinder vision outside the area, Sengo could see clearly.

The chakra within his eyes allowed for a perfect vision and Sengo was hoping that the man would not expect such a tactic. However, as a smoke expert, it would be expected that the enemy would have the skill as well.

As all clones disappeared three of the smoke projectiles hit Sengo, two to the right shoulder and one to the left thigh. It stung and Sengo was almost positive his shoulder was nearly dislocated. However, he was rushing in with nothing stopping him.

Then he started hand signs and hopefully the man would not notice the small geckos rising from the ground to grasp at the man. These were not permanent chains to stop him from moving, instead to trip him just a little bit.

When he was within range of nine feet his speed went into a blur almost unseeable. By the time the smoke fully enclosed the fight Sengo hoped it would be over.

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