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The voice rang so familiar in Sengo’s ear. The way it sounded, the mannerisms the man used, the tone of the speech ringing out of the mouth of the mysterious man rung out in his soul. It was the man from before, no doubt about it. This was Sengo’s destiny and he would not allow it to escape a second time. Even the cackling of the large birds could not dampen the sound of the man he was now facing down.

Despite a different uniform it was no doubt the man that Sengo faced previous with Anzu and despite his escape, Sengo had a good run for his money when it came to the mans skills. From what he can remember he was an avid user of the smoke ninjutsu and he would play against that.

Of course his thoughts were confirmed as tendrils of dark smoke billowed out of the sleeves of the man. The tendrils moved in an artificial fashion, fluid and weirdly precise. Taking no time to allow for the man to get the upper hand; Sengo responded with his own attack.

Sifting through hand signs Sengo was able to conjure a wall of smoke that stopped the smoky attack in its tracks. Within that same moment Sengo did not falter and with a flurry of chakra Sengo created seven clones that popped out of the wall; Sengo among them as well. A total of eight Sengo’s rushed towards No name. However, the Naga was not done for he had also summoned another attack from behind No name where he had previously used his torrent of bones.

Summoning up six fangs from the attack that leveled out a part of the forest he flung them towards No Name, each of the teeth growing to the size of daggers.

It was a pincer attack and Sengo still had his Infliction activated. If No Name would dodge the attack he would use the distraction to hopefully land a punch.

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