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Sobyono watched as the kid boasted, and Sengo prepared for battle. Honestly, the bird was right, they really didn't need him there. If anything, he was just asking to get his ribs broken if he stepped into the fight again. That blind man, the Echo, was way too fast for either of them. Only that nutjob probably had a shot of taking him down.

"I really should be smarter than this," Sobyono said to the vulture, putting his sword over his shoulder.

But his sword wanted him to go in. Not in some creepy haunted blade sort of way. It was that kind of bloodlust that came from being completely unmatched, and knowing that this could be your very last fight.

Sobyono looked down at the fat vulture, whose eyes seemed to almost close in glee at the meat in his maw. Then he looked back up at the injured kid, and the wall of vultures in the distance.

"Wait up kid," He whispered as he stepped past the vulture and walked toward the fight. "Can't let you get fucked up alone."

The challenges made Echo noticeably bristle with anger. Even as the vultures above cackled and cawed, Echo flexed and looked ready to go in.

"You DARE defy the Claw!?" Echo shouted back at them, pointing, "You'll feel our revenge soon enough! Kumanoi will make sure of that!"

"That's enough, Echo. You've stalled them long enough." Said a familiar voice. In the trees, next to the large business vulture, was No Name. He was wearing a dark camo cloak over his usual loose dress shirt. It had spots made up of black and grays. He held a cap with one hand. "Well well well, if it isn't you again. How is your little friend, necromancer? She barely survived our last encounter."

No name laughed, and the vultures joined him in laughter.

"Echo, take care of the soundlings, I'll fight this one." Then a smile spread across No Name's face as he began to make handseals, then pointed an arm out toward Sengo. Twin-tendrils of black smoke launched out of his sleeve, sharp-tips hurtling toward him.

Meanwhile, Echo nodded at the command, then charged toward Sanosuke and Sobyono. His palm was ready to strike the Seijuu like he did Sobyono earlier, counting on his sheer speed to make the blow land.

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