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I had some really good ones...but I had to delete them for reasons I cannot disclose..

EDIT: Wait! I have them still, yaaaaaar!!

bamboo X fox: yes jess. shes an eco-terrorist in training who will use her scare tactics to save the sharkies from the evil mankind
Tammy8675: nuu o_O
IkasuWriter: Some people knit

BoyNotBlue: you people are kinda scary in real time

phil4realz: MABO!!!
phil4realz: where u at?
WhtEys17: XD
BoyNotBlue: ...
lil mr half azn: XD
phil4realz: oh there u are..
BoyNotBlue: >_>
phil4realz: one second
BoyNotBlue: ?_?
phil4realz: lemme just "wake him up"
TKDguy62891: sic 'em boy!
lil mr half azn: hahaha
phil4realz: then u better run
BoyNotBlue has left the room.

xXx Unique Soul: Vix is blue stuff you put on your chest
xXx Unique Soul: In sinks into your lungs and throat and stuff and it cools them down or heats them up
xXx Unique Soul: Whichever it is
AJWeezer4000: That sure sounds questionable to me.
Keyyek01: Yeah, it's not so much the smell as the chest-molesting.

IkasuWriter: I'm not sayin' someone has to die. I just say sometimes, brakes don't work, and cars run over people unexpectedly...three times.

And that's all I have from after summer. The one's I saved during are all gone T-T There were so many too! But, undoubtedly, Whitey has all the best ones.

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