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According to my calendar, it's still March 31, which means it's still Engiversary month. Granted, it's the very end of the month but we, the staff, have one more thing planned for you guys: feats. How this will work is...

1) You will read the feats below.
2) You will pick one of the three feats.
3) You will choose which of your characters you want to have that feat.
4) You will post in THIS THREAD HERE detailing which character you want to have the feat assigned to.
5) You will profit.

Now, before people start going nuts with feat powers, I'd like to make a point that the feats are meant to give your character a tiny boost. They are not designed to be used in a gamebreaking manner during combat. They were designed with the intention of adding a little extra zing, something that makes that character special in one particular way. So have fun with it, but be mindful of abuse.

You have until Saturday, April 9th to post in the assign thread in RPG General Discussion.

Happy Engiversary everyone! Hope to see you around next year.


Uncanny Smell
It is physically impossible for a human being to track by scent, which makes the user such a puzzle to the medical community. They can smell poison in food and identify others within arms length by their scent. The user can also detect when something becomes off in an area they are familiar with, whether through the faint scent of smoke from a fire or the smell of deadly poison floating down through the vents.

Keen Eyes
Blessed with remarkable eyesight, there is nothing that gets by the user. Their power of sight, whether or not it is 20/20, is sharper than most. They have a knack for finding whatever they happen to be looking for, and no detail, no matter how small, slips by them. It takes them only moments to find whatever it is they’re looking for, and if they do not see it they can say with confidence that it is not there—or just hidden very well. This can be as simple as finding keys in a messy room or impressive as picking out a face in a crowded square.

Eerie Ears
The user has a strange talent for hearing. They are capable of remembering sounds almost perfectly, and are capable of filtering out the ones that matter from those that don’t. In a crowded room they could focus their ears and eavesdrop on a whispered conversation, or listen for the footsteps of a stalker that they know is there. They must actively focus to make this work, and so it is rarely useful if they are caught by surprise.


PS. And happy April Fool's too, but that's tomorrow ;D
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