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Claiming that 7 Free AP and Heirloom perk thing.

What can I say? I come and go; I'd love to stay but real life always manages to pull me away but still I come back periodically to check in on Engi. Not so much the site itself but the people. Engi was my home for almost a decade straight. I got hooked and was patient during the Lockdown; even though it meant I couldn't RP, I think it was the best thing to happen to Engi. The only thing us eager members could do was talk to one another in AIM. I got to know people I normally wouldn't have talked to otherwise.

To me, Engi isn't a site but a family. Those relatives you were super close to as kids but then you grew up and adulting kicked in so now you just see them once in a blue moon for a reunion or something. I've talked to people on the phone; I've met a few IRL and it is always so natural. The community has been there for me through good times and bad: finding out I had seizures, pregnancies, weddings, miscarriages, deaths of family members and pets, drunken fun nights in Skype with that drawing website... lol, pretty much anything you can think of.
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