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Or, maybe more realistically, find their bodies. You typically didn't bury people alive without a good way to keep them that way. As Ringo tore back down the passages she already retreaded twice over she kept her eyes glued to the earth. Loose or discarded soil would be the most important indicator but any sort of tubing or suspiciously angled furniture might also be- oh! As she spiraled towards the center of the dungeon Ringo caught sight of a slightly darker pile of dirt lying next to several huge kegs. Rushing over she grabbed it and squeezed the earth between her sweaty palms. Loose, airy...not compacted down like the rest of the soil where soldiers spent all day treading upon it.

They wouldn't have possibly stored them under some kegs though, right? Those things were probably full of ale or mead or some other water based liquid. If they leaked even slightly, and Captain Hideki was still was like storing your lit candles next to your gunpowder stash. Uncertain that even Seagullers were that stupid Ringo took a heavy swing at one keg with her newly acquired shovel. It split the wood on the first strike but no liquid came out, so she repeated it a couple more times. Eventually a growing dark stain let her know the container had been breached and she leaned in to get a good whiff of it.

Ringo's nose curled and she silently retched. More whale oil. Completely worthless, the Leviathan couldn't manipulate oily liquids. Was that good news, or bad news? She stopped thinking about it for a moment and began shoving the shovel into the earth and heaving away massive scoops of dirt. It fell away nicely due to having already been loosened but even with as much energy and bravado as Ringo brought to the table, she couldn't dig very fast or very deep for very long.

Tension mounting Ringo shone her lamp down the path a little ways more. There were enough kegs here, and enough loose soil around their base, to keep her at work for several days. Now she heard shouting in the distance, but not distant enough to make her feel better. Several loud, rhythmic thuds pounded out from the front of the dungeon. Someone was trying to break in.

White knuckles gripped her shovel with a mix of fear and frustration. All that time, all that work, wasted! It was foolhardy to try and guess- based entirely off a hunch- where her team -who might not even still be alive- could be buried – if that was even what had happened. The weight of the world pressed down on Ringo's shoulders and there was nowhere to unburden it. Ringo flexed her arm and felt the weightiness of the shovel respond.

Well, not entirely true. There was one place she could let out her frustration.
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