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Each step she took reverberated through the room like a roll of thunder. Occasionally she even heard a voice from someone above her. Were they growing more frequent? No, no. Ringo shook her head and loosened some of the dust that settled there. She couldn't think about failure. It was find her team or nothing.

But as Ringo looped back around to the dungeon's entrance that creeping sense of dread reached out to grab her again. This place was huge! The entire basement must have covered the whole fortress foundation. The support pillars spaced regularly through the large room certainly supported that theory. She raised the lamp even higher to look at the vaulted stone ceiling. Such huge clearance as well! If the place were better lit and didn't house so many vagrant roaches it might pass as a ballroom.

Deduction, deduction. Ringo stood still and slowed her breathing. Academy teachers would tell her that over and over again. Don't just memorize, but synthesize. A good soldier followed orders but great soldiers knew when to improvise. She closed her eyes and let the darkness surround her. Two prisoners (or corpses) were brought in last night. They dragged the bodies down here. Since the basic grunts seemed to believe that all three Village envoys were still at large, it had to have been done in secret. That meant they would have been put somewhere the average meathead wouldn't find them. It would also need to be secure, since if Captain Hideki woke up he could without a doubt break free using some ingenious trick Ringo would have never thought of. The Leviathan's power was immense but not overwhelming. Several inches of steel or stone could protect against...

Was that it? Ringo's eyes snapped open and hurried to readjust to the lighting. Even if that was the case how on earth would, she had definitely seen it while wandering around. Her pace quickened and now her feet thudded across the floor with renewed energy. There! A whole row of common gardening equipment in various states of disrepair. Ringo dove in with abandoned, sending all manner of implements clattering around her as she dug through the pile. It would be on top wouldn't it? Her fingers reached out and snatched up the implement, then just as quickly brought it close to her light. She ran a small index finger down the edge of it then rubbed the residue between her fingers.

Ringo knew this. Before starting her career as a soldier by joining the Academy she spent every day helping her family with the farm chores. Her dad could always tell which child of his hadn't been doing their fair share based on the wear and tear on the tools. This shovel had fresh dirt on it.

That could be from anything, of course.



Ringo gripped the shovel and stood upright as she heard a distant noise that sounded an awful lot like a knock on a door. It was followed by an equally distant rattling noise.

Maybe she could hide?

No. This wasn't the time for hiding. Ringo held the shovel in two hands like she were wielding an executioner's.

Now was the time to save her team.
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