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ANNOUNCEMENT: Clan/Org Payment for October and November.

The following clans/orgs are owned by village GMs because they have no current GM:
Inuzuka, Jukoto, Enari, Gun, Seijuu, Rosutai, Shyoujo, Shunmin, Hyousetsu, Harimusha, Ingakankei, Akagawa, Aburame, Hakkenshi, Shichou.

A Statement: Sorry folks, I missed last month. Here goes a double for you.

Now for Clan payment:

Sanada of Leaf - Bukowski - 4AP

Arechihana of Sand - Kyz - 4AP

Shoda of Cloud - Calibur & Kyz - 4AP

Kaihoukan of Sand - Calibur - 4AP

Nise of Rain - Vulpix - 4AP

I'm (still) reviewing the activity and ownership of the following clans:

Now for Org payment:

The Brigade of Light - Junge - 4AP

Thieve's Guild - Kapeesh - 4AP

If you believe your clan/org belongs on this list, but you weren't included, let me know. If there is confusion, it is likely because old information has been allowed to fester. Make sure the clan list is updated, make sure your info pages are updated. Get current characters listed on your clan info page! It helps. Mods, you won't find your clans/orgs on here. Have a good Thanksgiving!
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