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Taking no more than a second to collect these thoughts Ringo then turned the knob and forced her way in. As expected the door's lock had been tampered with, and the deadbolt thrown open. How their foes managed that would have to wait for another day. She raised her club and swung it towards her blind spots, where she anticipated enemies lying in ambush. Attack where they will be, not where they are, her Academy teachers used to say!

In this case she did neither. Despite some fancy footwork and a few rolling dodges, it became rapidly apparent the room was empty. Reaching down Ringo scooped up one of Captain Hideki's match books, which held the matches he used to not smoke the pipe he didn't use. Nervous fingers flicked the top up and scraped the entire group of matches across the floor at once. The room lit up in a blinding red blaze.

Yup, there was no denying it now. Both Unmei's and Captain Hideki's futons were a mess and their bodies (hopefully still alive!) nowhere to be seen. Ringo's futon, still unused, lay neat and tidy. In fact everything in the room sans the things Ringo smacked by accident or bumped into during her ambush looked unaffected. There were no signs of struggle.

A growing sense of being alone rolled over Ringo as she stood panting in the empty tavern room. It was not a new feeling, but this was a new context for it. It was one thing to be unpopular in the Academy, or to be far from home without the support of your nine siblings and too many aunts and uncles to count. It was another entirely to be embedded deep in enemy territory without a single clue as to what in the blazes was going on.

Footsteps pounded up the spiral staircase just a short distance from their room, and Ringo heard the voices roar out from the still open door to the room. “She's small, but don't hold back! She'll kill you if you get careless!”

What did her teachers say about a time like this? To reflect on one's past mistakes, and learn from them? That wasn't going to do any good here. No, Ringo needed to take a page from the chickens she used to raise on this one. It was time to run.
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