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One of the windows adjacent to her team's room slide open, and a very concerned looking woman peaked out from behind it to see what the ruckus was about. Seizing opportunities was part of being a good soldier too! Ringo let go of her prey, not really caring whether or not the job was finished, and dashed towards the brick wall of the tavern. Along the way the previously wounded assailant took a furious kick at her but she easily side-stepped him and cracked his skull with a flick of her baton. Right as she approached the sheer face of the tavern wall the woman above let out a tiny yelp and hurried to close the window again.

All things considered, it was a reasonable response! Ringo, after all, must have looked like the bad guy here. The arc of history was long and bent towards absolving the just of all sins, though, so she didn't take it to heart. Instead she quickly stowed her weapons and took a mighty leap upwards, planting both her heels on the edge of one of the first floor windows and boosting tiny body up just enough to wrap her fingers around the lip of the second floor one. She shimmied her way up what looked like an impassable barrier so quickly one might mistake her for a particularly feminine cockroach, or maybe a black-clad monkey.

She tried the first window and found it locked, and knowing that Captain Hideki would have his locked as well she opted for a different approach. Now most of the tavern tenants seemed awake and the whole row of room windows lit up with dim yellow lantern lights. A few didn't, however. Those few almost certainly wouldn't be occupied. After all, who could possibly still be asleep after all that screaming?

Hopping from window sill to sill Ringo leapfrogged her way towards one such empty room. The White Clamshell Tavern featured heavy iron bars across all their glass windows, which could be slid out for those wanting a bit of fresh air. Ringo threw her weight against the bars and slammed them against their hinges as they rolled along the interior metal track keeping them in place. The reverberating shocks rattled her bones as she moved to push the glass part of the window open, and with ease she disappeared though the room's curtain and into its interior.
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