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Whatever else the men would say fell on deaf ears. One did managed to mumble out “Hey, do you guys hear that?” seconds before any intelligible words became garbled alongside shouts and screams of pain. Maybe the night's darkness hide their faces, but Ringo's training prepared her for just such an occasion. As her club smashed across the knees of one target the other hand was swinging her buckler to intercept any possible counter attack. Nothing came and as the first man crumpled she quickly brought her weapon up through the darkness and sunk it deep into the bridge of where his nose ought to be. A gut churning crunch more or less confirmed she hit her mark.

The other man couldn't even get out a full sentence of disbelief before Ringo fell on him with equal fury. Judging from the first man these hostiles weren't wearing armor- plainclothes, if she was forced to guess. She put their size around that of the dock workers from that morning- muscular, but the kind of body built for hard labor and not combat. Her new target took a few swings and as she drew her buckler up to defend herself something sharp and metal scraped across it. Not a sword, too small...just a common machete, if she had to guess.

No reason to guess, though! Her tiny arms wrapped around the man's wrist as he withdrew the weapon and with a surprising strength twisted the handle out from his grip. Something shattered- not bone, but frozen flesh. “Agh!” The target tried to withdraw but seconds within getting disarmed Ringo thrust the tip of her club into where she estimated his throat would be. Another soft squish and the panicked garbling of the shadow in front of her confirmed another bullseye. Just like they trained her in the Academy!

As expected the man doubled over, either in pain or trying to breathe though his pummeled windpipe. It didn't matter now that the man stood at probably close to twice her height. Still working off instinct and guesswork Ringo's buckler hand reached out and caught her target by the collar, and by throwing her entire weight into her grip she sent the adult tumbling forwards. A little bit of fancy footwork and a trick with her grappling hook, and she had herself a makeshift prisoner at the end of a short, tightening leash.

A commanding, breathless shout ripped from deep inside her. “Identify yourself at once! I know one more of you is out there!” The man she attacked first sounded as though he was still curled up on the ground with a broken nose, and the second trapped in her noose couldn't talk on account of the whole being asphyxiated thing. “You have threatened Village citizens and encroached on the will of the Leviathan! Surrender now, or-” She stopped, because the official line she was supposed to use here was 'or we will respond with lethal force'. Technically she had already done that, so...

“Or I'll respond with even more lethal force!” There we go. To emphasize she drew the noose around her prisoner tighter, causing his coughing, choking sputtering to increase. “Who sent you? The Glassmaker? You have ten seconds!”

“H-help!” The man on the ground regained his composure, and could be heard dragging himself away. “Boss! Help!” Ringo let out a sharp exhale from beneath clenched teeth. Her muscles burned with an eager fire, and her head kept darting from side to side looking for the remaining target. Captain Hideki would have surely heard all her screaming, and as dim lights flickered behind the windows through the tavern building she was positive that these criminals wouldn't get away so easily. Even if this had been an inside job that double-crossing Liam couldn't possibly have the entire tavern booked with thugs. Mortal enemies or not, the people of Seagull would surely not stand for nighttime ambushes against children!

“I'm out here!” The man wheezed through a bloodied, crooked nose. “Help! The girl is out here, she killed him, oh gods, she killed him!” Ringo made a face at that even while she kept a firm grip on her leash. The man wasn't dead yet! Although now he stopped clawing at the makeshift garrote and seemed to be falling limp, true asphyxiation wouldn't hit immediately. His growing weakness did provide her a chance to react, though. The hazy yellow lights, dim as they were filtering through the room curtains, gave her just enough vision to make out everyone in the courtyard. The third man was nowhere to be seen and, given their sizes, she couldn't see anywhere for him to hide. She hadn't heard the frenzied footsteps signaling an escape, either. Where had he gone?
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