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A more enthusiastic death sentence could not have been uttered. Ringo could barely chirp out a ‘Aye aye Sir!’ before her body blazed into action. With chickens her aim never faltered but this beastie was quite a bit smaller, so a bit of care would need to be taken. Unlike a chicken the otter seemed more than willing to stand perfectly still all the while. How nice of it to be so cooperative now!

The tip of the blade fell and slipped easily into the animal's neck, plunged down from above like Ringo was trying to plant a flag in the base of its skull. A more perfect hit could not have been accomplished by one of the Seven Swordsman themselves! Satisfied with her work, Ringo took a step back to admire it, pulling the knife up along with her.

But when Ringo looked down there stood no otter or pool of blood. There was naught but the rocky crags of the atoll, and some splashed up red paint churned ashore by the sea waves. Was this a trick? An illusion? No, no, definitely not. Ringo felt the blade's recoil shudder along her arm when she struck. That otter absolutely, positively had the knife in it.

A cold, sharp claw placed itself on her wrist. Her eyes darted down to the hand that still held her commanding officer's dagger.

“Is that all you can muster, child?”

Even with the knife embedded in what Ringo assumed to be the creature's head, Mumo's face did not betray a single trace of anger. Instead when Ringo looked into the beast's eyes all she saw was a cold, calm determination. If only Zwei could be that collected!

“Your turn, then.”

A few seconds later Ringo was in full panic mode, tripping over the rocks as she ran towards Takumi. “I've failed! I've failed!” Her usually stern face now wore an expression of shame mixed with fear. “Help! I need assistance!”

Behind her, nimbly jumping from rock to rock even with the dagger stuck out of it's body, was Mumo. Her teeth were bared and an ominous, menacing mist seemed to be churning behind her with each leap. Who knew what kind of unholy powers this seemingly innocuous animal possessed!
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