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Like Ringo, Takumi’s brain churned, though he liked to think his cogs turned a bit faster than hers. Like her, he knew of summons, but had never learned of the ones contracted to Mist Country. It was an odd conundrum, possibly facilitated by the discriminatory tendencies of the Umikami of old and perhaps, timeline discrepancies. Whatever water gods were in charge now seemed to have their affairs in order and apparently thought it would be amusing to invoke the wrath of religious animals. Regardless of the absurdity, Takumi had had enough.

He hadn’t wanted to kill the adorable, furry creatures, but their attitude made them infinitely less likeable. Even now, the creatures baited and taunted him at any given opportunity. This creature was even calling their bluff! ‘Divine right’ and all of that crap! This was nonsense! NONSENSE!

“Kill it, arrest it, at this point, I don’t care. Just keep it away from me.”

He produced another scroll with a huff, marching back towards the shrine. He had prepared it days prior, when he just thought it would just have been him going to paint the torii gate. Unfortunately, the Kirigakure bureaucracy loved teaming him up with people that would hold him accountable. The other otters scampered around anxiously, staring at him, but maneuvering in a kind of defensive formation. He rolled his eyes and shooed one out of his way with his foot.

Squeezing the papyrus to rinse out the water that had gotten on it, he unfurled it. Luckily, the water had only gotten to the outermost layers, and given the work that the two had already done on the shrine, Takumi figured his backup plan would work.

“Ringo, as your team leader, I demand that you not be a tattle tale, regardless of how bad this winds up looking.”

Leaping into the air, Takumi rose, spinning furiously as he vaulted over the shrine. As he did so, red paintballs flew out of his projectile scroll, blasting the shrine in messy splatters. As he passed over the top and the other side, several otters chirped angrily in protest, trying to shield their holy monument.

Both the shrine and the majority of the otters were covered in red paint. The shrine was blotchy and didn’t exactly look its best, but he could blame that on Ringo. He was the oldest after all!
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