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Though the girl knew no steam ninjutsu it certainly seemed as though her inflamed indignation was enough to boil the water that now soaked her uniform. “Assault! Endangerment of military personnel! Damaging private property!” Zwei let out a terse, poignant cluck of agreement. Ringo held up a finger as if it were an executioner ax. “And! And!” She swung her stained red digit towards the still unpainted gate. “Interfering with a Rank D objective without the proper authorization! It's a death sentence! It can't be anything but death!"

As Mumo cleaned her glossy coat the cloaked otter seemed unperturbed. Instead she merely gave a small wave with her tiny hands. “The Giant's Law is absolute.” She made a sweeping gesture, or at least as sweeping as one could make with limbs the length of a spatula. “You will be killing yourself afterwards for violating our sacred contract, yes?”

“Wha- of course!”
Ringo spat back before thinking, not really understanding what the tiny creature was chittering about. “Now get over here and let me execute you!”

Other than the lapping of the waves and the distant cries of seabirds, nothing seemed to move. Even the smaller otters repairing the shrine stood frozen.

When the otter spoke her words rolled out in a solemn growl. “Very well.” In the next instant the beast dove into the water and quickly spiraled towards the shore. Before Ringo could sputter out in surprise and draw a weapon the animal stood before the genin. The sun seemed to simply vanish into her black fur, making it almost seem as though she might turn into a shadow at the blink of an eye. Mumo bowed her head like a condemned criminal.

At a loss and unequipped with any sort of weapon she could use for a proper beheading, Ringo looked up at her commanding officer for guidance. Wasn't it proper that he do it, anyway? Justice could only be dished out by authority, and as far as Ringo was concerned, there was no greater authority on that rocky outcropping than her team leader.
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