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Takumi was quiet for the most part once Ringo had sat down, content to let her idle angrily while they took their break. Despite his desire to get home before dusk, the appearance of the second otter had completely taken away what little work ethic he had left. He was sure he’d find it again though! Provided he made it to the bottom of the dumpling pile. Grabbing another stick of dangos, he plopped two in his mouth, chewing gingerly before nearly being knocked over by the sudden rocking of their boat.

The noise that escaped Takumi’s mouth was nothing short of choking. He hacked for a few moments, doing his best to dislodge the offending dumpling that had gotten trapped in his airway. There was a few moments of flailing as he tried to steady himself and the boat enough to stand. With the subsequent blueness of his face and inability to make noise, there was nothing short of panic on Takumi’s face, giving how is eyes bulged, how his nose ran, and how tears streamed down his cheeks. His hands weaved together, almost like a hand sign, but instead of casting a jutsu, he drove two hands into his diaphragm, concentrated on the thumb of his cupped hand. A few more thrusts, and a dumpling shot high into the air, landing with a rather disgusting splat on Zwei’s head.

Rubbing his eyes and nose, Takumi gasped for breath, following Ringo’s voice in the direction of the otters. His eyes, still bulged behind the circular frames of his glasses, locked on the miscreants as he hacked the remainder of food in his mouth in their direction.

“They tried to kill me!” Maybe he was overreacting, but dying at the hands of talking otters was not how the shinobi intending on dying. If anything, he intended to die from… “Old age! That’s how I plan to die, you disgustingly cute evildoers! You have undermined the Kirigakure’s authority for the last time!”

He looked toward Ringo’s direction one more time, producing a scroll. “Sailor! PREPARE FOR BATTLE!”
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