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Tenzan stared blankly at Hana as she kicked the corpse''s head. He'd been listening to her up until that point, but now he couldn't stop thinking about it. What could he realistically say to her? He did, after all, just kill a man whose last vivid memory was seeing his friend's head separated from his shoulders.

Still, these were criminals and they had the authority. They were probably still trying to arm rebellions, not unlike the ones in Earth Country. If Hana hadn't killed the guy, Tenzan would have. It just wouldn't have been so... messy.

He grimaced at the fact that she pulled the shirt off of the one whose head she'd severed, but it made sense. The other guy was smaller than Tenzan; wearing his clothes would have been obvious. He sighed and took them. "Okay... hold on a second." Tenzan disappeared into the treed.

"Ugh, this smells awful. Really starting to regret this 'new approach' business..." The branches rustled as Tenzan continued to get redressed. "I... may have neglected ninjutsu and genjutsu training as a genin. Thinking about it now, it's a really dumb reason... but I'm trying to fix it. I need... to move forward, I guess."

Tenzan emerged from the trees, his headband removed and stuffed in his pocket. The clothes felt stuffy and reeked of sweat and alcohol, as well as a little blood--barely noticable, if oly because the goon's shirt was a dark brownish color. He remained several steps behind the disguised Hana, tussling his hair a bit to try and look the part of a vagrant criminal. He wasn't so sure his acting would hold up.

The moment of truth came when he neared the mine's entrance.

"The hell is goin' on up there?!" The man guarding the entrance motioned to the quickly spreading blaze. Tenzan merely shrugged in response... then an idea struck him.

"Shinobi," he said, his voice an octave or two lower than normal. He pulled his own headband out of his pocket, still lightly spotted with the decapitated thug's blood.

"God damn it! It's way too soon for that. They promis-.. no. We're not panicking. Just... lemme think. Because if we call him, he'll kill us all."
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