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“Get into position,” She advised, leaping into the branches of a tree far enough away that it wouldn’t ignite as well. A forest fire was more than enough to draw the attention of the nearby men, though she hoped that Tenzan at least had some way to extinguish it once their plan ran its course. Collateral damage was to be expected with any mission, but excessive damages wouldn’t look well on either one of their records.

Drawing the majority of her ribbons about her arm, Hana prepared herself for what was to come. Two of the men came to investigate, leaving the third one at the entrance of the mine. Both seemed well muscled, like grisled barbarians. One had a brown beard more reminiscent of lumber jack, while the other’s looked a bit more patchy and ginger in color. They looked similar enough to be brothers, despite how one carried an axe and the other a sword. Hana thought it was a bit sad, how they were tasked with killing siblings.

No use crying over it. They’re bad people, families or not.

On cue, a whirring noise erupted from Hana’s position before a disc of ribbons, sharpened by chakra bore into one of the men. It drove straight into his chest, shooting blood, bone and flesh everywhere in a disgusting, chaotic display. The one with the patchy beard hadn’t had enough time to scream before his life was taken, but that left his brother.

With any luck, Tenzan would have reacted fast enough to keep him from screaming. Deciding to trust her teammate, Hana shifted her position, darting higher up the tree in order to avoid any potential attacks. Her main goal, however, was to reach the uppermost branches. From there, she could keep a good look on the mine and make sure that backup wasn’t on the way.

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