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Originally Posted by merdle View Post
Third new mechanic: Guns

This is what you all came for. Guns! I know that there has been a big issue with guns lately, and I tried hard to figure out a way to get guns into the RP without really causing an issue for those who have a problem with them.

Then I realized that was pretty much impossible. So instead I just finished them up, and decided to push them out.

So as of now, guns are available on the RP. We worked hard to make sure they are represented well, so I hope you enjoy them. Look to item info and jutsu info to see what we came up with.

Since it seems weird to have people need to slowly learn how to use a gun, I am giving 1 AP to anyone who claims it in this thread. You don’t have to use it to learn the gun style, since I know not everyone has a character that will want it. But it is a good start.

Claim it by posting your thoughts on the upcoming mechanics. Do it before I change my mind.

Nevermind, that was a silly idea. But you can still claim your 1 AP until the 8th of May.
Claiming the AP, but was about to have an opinion on this until the edit, lol.
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