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Second new mechanic: Relics and Relic Lists

In an attempt to avoid needing to make giant and full lists for the Gaijin, a new type of list was created to accommodate the differences in how they manipulate chakra. While the world we know has ritualistic spell casting based on arcane symbols learned through tons of practice, what we call Jutsu, the gaijin focus on Relics. These artifacts are powerful items, sometimes weapons, that contain powerful energy inside them that can be unleashed with much less practice. This creates a different culture, where many Gaijin either have no access to chakra, or have weak Relics that give them temporary or limited use. Then there are greater Relics that have unlimited uses, and are treasures themselves.

While sometimes Relics are just a logical reason for why a Gaijin can do techniques similar to a jutsu (more on that at a later time, probably), there are also Relic lists. These simplified lists have only three stages (called ranks to differentiate them) and a maximum of three techniques in each rank. This is to make it easier to create lists that may only be used by NPCs, and a few PCs that get hold of their Relics. In compensation, the Relics also have ‘Cantrips’ (name pending), which are weak abilities in each rank that can be used freely. Often they are barely worth calling a technique, but can be crucial to the overall theme of the list.

Take a look at a Rank from a Relic list based around manipulating soldiers on the battlefield.

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