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First new mechanic: Will-breaking!

Well, it is more a return of an old mechanic. Anyone who has been on engi long enough will remember Super-Points. For those of you who don’t, super points allowed a taijutsu style to go above and beyond the normal +5 taijutsu bonuses for a stage, as long as there was a sufficient drawback. Some examples included super strength in the Stone Berserker style, and the notorious super speed in the style suicidal jumps. These styles went above and beyond the usual, but they also made taijutsu extremely hard to balance.

Will-breaking is a work-in-progress mechanic that works in a similar fashion. But instead of getting Super Points for a fluff downside that was usually mitigated within the style, Will-breaking is a temporary trade of points. For instance, Will-breaking away Stamina for additional Speed. The penalty continues after the Will-break, but the bonus wears off after a time based on the mechanics in the style. Plus, the goal is to avoid the whole +9 to speed/strength situation that super points created before.

The current style using Will-breaking is the Pugilist style, a boxing taijutsu that sacrifices the stamina that makes a boxer tough, to create a burst of speed and try to finish the fight. It has special techniques that can only be used while Will-breaking. Take a peek!

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