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Item and Taijutsu System Updates!

If you've been sitting in chat, you've probably heard about incoming changes - well here they are.

The Item System is getting a complete rework aimed to do two things: give those small items everyone takes for free and make weapons more flexible in general. You can review the new system here in the handbook.

The other major system update is to Taijutsu. Pure, weapon, and hybrid taijutsu now always have +9 bonus stats per stage and three specials slots. As of posting, 95% of tai on the site have been edited to reflect these changes, though we may have missed a few [Specials Sacrificed] tags here or there, so please let us know as you find them. For the most part, this means characters are getting more bonus stats across the board with just a handful getting any serious stat shifts.

We're also saying farewell to a few unused taijutsu styles - Temperature Fist, Whirling Stars, Yo-yo Taijutsu, and Bandages of the White Moon have been moved to junk.

As far as character updates go, because of the sheer volume of incoming changes, please do not post updates in the Engiversary thread. Instead, place your necessary edits in the character's next rated thread and we'll take care of the changes as needed that way. All unique items will need to be rerated and reregistered (sorry!), but do look over the new rules as weapons without fancy powers can almost certainly be replicated by the generic rules.
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