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It wasn't far off to say that the kunoichi had been expecting some form of guarding or retaliation. Secretly, she had hoped for it. She wanted a chance to show how strong she was, how she'd progress from the girl that she had been. However, she hadn't been expecting his. As he caught her fist and locked her wrist, her balance was lost and he had gotten just what he had intended. To say she landed on him would be giving the action too much credit. Landing implies the vague hint of intention to do so. Falling might even have been to graceful a word. They were barely a foot or so apart to begin with. This was more fumbling downwards, landing with an oomph.

Arashi would get some minor satisfaction as she struggled against him in a very futile attempt to escape. Ebony tresses, smelling like fresh picked flowers and tea tree, fell over their faces, creating a shield from the sun's rays.

"If it wasn't for this damn dress!"

The threat trailed off. What? Did she really think she could take on someone like him? She had noticed his muscles before, but now that his abs were being pressed against her, she could actually feel how tight they were. The way his bicepts flexed while she tried to pull away? Yeah, he was at least on par with her strength if not slightly beyond. There was only one option.

Her head lifted as far back as she could before smacking it in to his own. Immediately, she let out a very loud but whiny 'Ow!' Followed by a few choice curse words. His shades had smacked in to the bridge of her nose. His forehead was like a damn brick. If it wasn't for the embarrassment, she'd bring up his next time her father said anything about her being hard headed. If she was, it surely wasn't in this instance.

Her next attempt at freedom? However infantile, was biting his cheek. Not hard, since she didn't actually want to hurt him, or have the taste of blood in her mouth. However, the fact that he tasted like dirt and sweat was enough to make her let go fairly quickly. Another whine, more struggling, then finally she stopped.

"Will you just let me go?"

There was anger in her tone, but also one of near defeat.

"You've got my arms but not my legs... and I bet with enough time, I'm sure my knee could find its way to your groin. I just don't feel like making that much of an effort and looking like an ass any longer than I have to. You win."

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