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The genin had already begun envisioning his walk back home and ways to kill time while making the journey on his own. He had met all different kinds of people from all walks of life but they all shared 1 characteristic when it came to dealing with Arashi: none of them could care less about him. At the time she hadn't been special enough to be memorable. Whatever she said her last name was... not like it mattered... had slipped his mind faster than she slipped her lips against his. Perhaps what Kirei didn't understand about Arashi was that he was quick to lose interest in things when he wasn't allowed his way.

There wasn't much that anyone could do to sway him once he set his mind on something. It would take an unbelievable act for him to alter his choices. For a boy on his own he handled himself as if he was his own parent. As a consequence he was used to being 'right'. He taught himself how to adapt to the unforeseen. He taught himself how to endure. In his eyes it did not matter if he was judged to be right or to be wrong. He taught himself everything he knew to be true about life.

Kirei couldn't have been any further from his mind when suddenly a shift in fate restores the connection he had already cut through. He paid attention to the tone of her voice and the soft smile behind her sweet glance. She had built something stronger than an appeal to his physical excellence. Her eyes felt like heavy chains when she placed them on him. When she spoke her words were swift but sharp--clear to the point. His brow jumped in surprise and he held it there suspended on every word. He followed her with intent as if he was a dog and she was holding a big grilled sirloin.

Upon hearing the words 'the ball is in your court' he snapped out of his stupor and a big grin overcame his face. Not only could he relate to the metaphor a little too much, but he reveled in the fact that he still had a chance at adding her to the notches on his belt. Victory was sweet. "To that I say you're a little sexy from behind. You've got a toned little figure. If I have some free time I'll paint something for you. I'll even give you the special discount." He loosened his stride to move a little faster. It didn't take too long for him to close the gap between the two once again.

Arashi was positioned at the perfect angle to see her face in her peripheral without having to tilt his head in her direction. Though he stood beside her she was leading the voyage by a number of inches. The only time it would be necessary to move his head is if he wanted to look at her derriere. But he didn't need to look at it anymore... instead he grasped the nearest cheek and gave it a firm squeeze to further analyze her 'figure'.

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