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Things seemed to be going smoothly for awhile; that was until she felt his arm slide over her shoulders, his hand softly gripping her. Kirei's eyes widened a bit and she quickly turned her head to look up at him. There was a long pause as she thought about what to do, she would have shrugged him away, if it hadn't been for that final comment.

'Just don't break my heart.'

She was starting to get to know him; she already knew his type. Arashi was a smooth talker, a player. He was self confident and probably had girls swooning at his feet within minutes of meeting them. She was just another pretty face. Still, there was something about him she couldn't shake. Others had mislabeled her, especially in the days of the academy, when she was a huge flirt and would get others to do her chores or missions for her so that she could go goof off. Maybe she was dismissing him too quickly.

"It is sort of like that, yes."

She had let his arm linger on her long enough. Kirei picked up her pace a little bit; the few steps she had taken freeing her. Hopefully it wouldn't seem like she was brushing him off entirely, but a line did have to be drawn somewhere.

"Thank you for the compliment Arashi-kun, but you're correct in the fact I really don't know you, and you really don't know me. However, I'd like the opportunity to but I don't want you think that it is something more than it is at the moment. I'm..."

What should say? She had just gotten out of an arranged marriage by the death of her betrothed? The guy she had actually had a crush on had come back from the dead, and seemed to be indifferent about everything? Her parents were rich and had high standards for her? She had given up all semblance of a social life recently to focus on training? She used to be similar to him and knew what he was playing at? Although she was sure that he was looking for more than an innocent kiss on the cheek. The excuses were endless.

"I've got a lot on my plate right now, and I don't want to complicate things more than they already are."

Oh, she knew enough to know what was going to come next. More than likely, he'd suggest a casual relationship. A date here and there, which would lead to more temptation. Things would go from a small kiss, to making out, and him thinking that he hit the jackpot. While Kirei could have easily been called a sordid flirt in the past, she still had her morals. That wasn't going to happen any time soon. No, not one suggestion should be allowed to be made and Kirei, for the first time in a long time, resulted to her old bag of tricks.

Before he could say anything, she stopped in her tracks. Delicate fingers lifted his shades up to the top of his head. Blue eyes locked for a moment before she lifted herself up on her tiptoes and softly kissed his lips. Her hands slipped down to the side of his face, holding him in place for a few seconds longer. Slowly, she drew her face away from his, turned back out to the desert, and acted as if nothing had happened, though a sly smile crept up on her still warm lips.

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