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A passionate kiss connected the two with enough spark to outdo even the most terrifying katon. For those split seconds Arashi felt as though all of the troubles he had faced in his lifetime had been rewound and he was a little kid again without a single worry in sight. He was consumed by the idea of winning constantly and this very instant had become a victory in his eyes. If he wanted something he would most likely attain that. He was the exception to every rule, the exceptional one, which was his nindo.

The feeling of victory soon faded as the kunoichi not only proved to be aesthetically exceptional, but even a better sweet-talker than he. Kirei’s words following the locking of their lips proved to be a strong wind that pushed the boy further than he was willing to go. He normally put his all into everything but only for personal benefit. Having given up on everyone but himself, Arashi found it hard to deal with the idea of even considering another person’s feelings. He had often been the topic of conversation and because of his notoriety everyone always wrote him off before they had the chance to value his worth. He was comfortable treating people as they had treated him, but this time was different than before.

“Kirei . . .” he mumbled under his breath, as if talking to himself despite her being close enough to feel the quickened beating of his heart. Usually this situation would be a “no fucks given” for him, except he had run out of things to say. He felt as though her twisting his words around to her advantage had bested him. A little overwhelmed and very confused, he could only think back on her brief words with him as images of his past-life replayed in his mind.

They were very much alike, almost to the point where it made him sick. He was supposed to be the exceptional one and only him. If he chose to give her the time of day to connect on a more personal level then he would take it as a defeat. He initially set out after her with one goal in mind: scoring. However, Kirei had three advantages against the boy in this case, two of which were pressed right against his chest as he held her close.

“Get off of me.” Arashi demanded in a monotonous tone. If she chose not to rise from him in a timely manner he would push her off of him behind a strong glare before rising to his feet. The infamous shades had been recollected as he perched them atop his nose.

“I don’t need friends. Every time I connect with someone, something bad happens. If this were a couple years ago I wouldn’t mind getting to know you . . . we may have even been a good couple. But now that I know that every relationship has an inevitable end, I don’t want to get to know you. I don’t want to date you. I don’t want to even like you. The only thing I want is to achieve everything that I want . . .

You don’t know what pain I’ve been through. All my life I’ve been unwanted, passed around from place to place, not knowing what it’s like to have something stable. I hate the feeling when I connect with people and bad things happen to them. If we became friends and anything happened to you . . . I wouldn’t be able to take it. No matter how strong I become it always happens, someone always gets hurt. We, as shinobi, give our lives in battle. They use us as sacrifices for everyone else in this country. The day will come when you are faced with death and those closest to you will feel that pain. I’ve already lost so many people . . . but I can’t lose you if I don’t have you. So unless you're coming to me for sex or drugs, stay away from me.“

In a struggle to understand himself, it proved to show that even the sturdiest of mountains just need a little push before they can be moved. Where many have failed trying to connect with Arashi, Kirei managed to pull more information out of him than anyone ever has. He was so busy thinking about the past that he didn’t realize he had just revealed not only his occupation as a shinobi, but shed some light on the events that have molded him into such a cold-heart today. He continued his walk to Sunagakure albeit slower than before as if he had just said farewell forever to the beautiful girl he had met.

But I want her.

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