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More minor updates!

After some discussion, some annoying holes are being filled.

Instead of being framed as 'a 6 technique list split into three parts', summons are now a unique type of list with three jutsu per stage. The first is the summon, the second is the sage slot, the third is an open swap slot. The last two may be unlisted on a summon list.

Sennin lists are less oppressive now. While they are meant to be 'end game' growth for a sennin character, the requirement to have '5 jutsu in every stage' of a sennin list to get it to universal meant that sennin lists were being held to a higher standard than normal universal lists. The sennin list rules also have a few caveats for non-ninjutsu lists now as well.

Sorry Kapeesh, the Miko list now has an official unique set up for the shinobi version of taking it. This list is the same, except it only has three slots maximum (one reserved for a swap).
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