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New Moderators.

I've added a few new Trial Moderators. You've probably seen them doing this and that the last few months. I'm trying to see if we can get some specialized people around here to do certain tasks that I have no idea how to do.

Bass - Community Mod
His role is to make sure the interaction within the community is high, that there is smooth communication between the membership and staff, and to help with any contact with other forums.
He is also going to be helping reset the Hyousetsu clan from Mist. So if you have anything that would help there, let him know.
Finally, Bass is also going to be a Stone secondary GM.

Mizu - Social Media Mod
Hey look, it is a Mizu. He is going to try to get our social media game on point, so we can communicate with the young ones, about the hip hops, and the fidget spinners.
He is also taking on fixing up the Shunmin clan from stone. Because lord knows they need a look.
He is also going to be a secondary GM to Mist.

Virtual Dream - Tech Mod
Because last computer class I took was in the first year of college. Hopefully he can be there to help keep the guts of engi working well, and handle any high impact changes in that area.
I haven't had him pick a clan to work on yet, since he came on later.
But he will also be a Stone secondary GM.

Masked One - All-Around Trial
And last but not least, the go getter. Masked is here because he is just that good. He will be joining Kiba as just a trial, here to help with whatever he can on his meteoric rise to Modship.
Masked chose to work on the Ninsen clan. They have a lot already done, but I want to see them get the buff and polish the Seijuu recently got.
He will be joining Mizu as a Mist secondary GM.

I'll mention Kiba here since he was brought on as a trial before 2016 didn't happen. He still is a trial, and honestly he just likes the color green, and feels really comfortable there. He also just likes doing the stuff I tell him to do, as the Sound secondary, it makes him feel comfortable.
He chose to work on the Jukoto clan of Stone.

Anyway, if you see these names in that weird green, this is why. They count as a mod approval in registry (if only a half approval) and can move stuff around just fine. So make them work for their blue.
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