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Light feet brushed past the foliage as if it wasn't even there. Not a blade of grass nor broken spider web trailed behind Ringo as she slipped across the yard. Her approach stopped when one of the figures spoke in a quiet, but distinctly masculine voice. “One of the girls is missing.”

Every cell in Ringo's body frozen solid. Even her breath stopped.

“You can tell that from here? I can't see a thing.”

“Draw your weapons,” the knowing voice wheezed. “Don't underestimate her because she's a child. Village soldiers don't give second chances.”

“Maybe she went to the bathroom,” suggested another hesitant voice. “We should wait, just in case.”

The silence that followed seemed to agree with the last voice. With her brain firing off in overdrive Ringo tried to piece together a reasonable response. These men absolutely must be talking about her team, right? There couldn't be a doubt about it. One of them must be getting a signal from somewhere about who was in their room- but Ringo checked for just that very thing that afternoon! Her wide eyes looked up towards the stars, then flew across the roof of the tavern. Was there a lantern lit somewhere? A wind chime ringing in a precise, coded pattern? Her attention turned to the faint, black and white outline of the window leading to where her fellow soldiers slept. A sense of helplessness grabbed her throat.

What if there were more hostiles inside, just outside the door to their room? There must be, if these men received information from somewhere. Ringo could jump out and threaten (and, time permitting, beat up) these strangers but that would do little but alert the rest that whatever nighttime heist they planned wasn't going to pan out. Waking up Captain Hideki had to be the priority.

“Jobs done,” said the voice with all the answers. “They're being loaded now. Chief says everyone is to stay alert, they're sweeping the tavern now for the girl.”

A heavy guilt rolled over Ringo like a wave. Oh no! Whatever was supposed to transpire was already happening! Her lungs filled with air as she prepared to shout, rousing her team from their slumber. Whatever was happening Ringo was going to put a stop to it!
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