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Summon Paths

Summoner Paths are an attempt to create a uniform and clear course for roleplayers to unlock and improve their village summons. This is still a new system, and the right of a GM to control the usage of their village summon (which are a limited list, like special forces), should be respected.

Summon Paths can have up to 15 'steps'. These steps are just a progressive list of effects that relate to a village summon list, or a particular contract. Not every Summon list will have Summon Paths available.

To gain steps on the summoner path, you must spend a thread doing something related to summons. When you do you can ask your village GM, or an Admin, to give you a step or more in your thread rating. These move you up your summoner path.

Not every summon path will be similar. You do not need to currently have a summon contract to move up a summon path. In dire situations, like when a summoner hurts one of his summons or abuses them, you can have steps taken away from you.

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