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The Miko are workers of divine magic, calling on the spirits and small gods of the hidden world to cause miracles. There have always been Miko and there will always be Miko. These usually female magic users preside as local shamans and caretakers for villages, towns and small swaths of land across the world, sometimes presiding over shrines that they maintain as their home or sometimes wandering the world as traveling Miko to bring their wisdom and talents on the road. Large cities sometimes have enormous or numerous shrines, filled with Miko, trying to do the work across the city that a single practitioner could have done in a small town. They do not have a larger organization they are beholden to, except those that are part of larger temples. Instead, Miko are a vast collection of individuals scattered across the world with similar methods and goals.

While Shinobi and Samurai make use of the inner strength that courses through their inner coils, a Miko's power comes from without, drawn from the spirits of the water, land and sky. Both the nameless, invisible spirits they borrow power from and the divine energy they use to perform their miracles are called kami. When miko deviate too far from the restrictions and rules that govern them, their ability to manipulate the kami changes and they become witches, or black miko. Black miko are considered impure, twisted shadows of their art by other miko, who treat them as dangerous monsters to be exorcised or destroyed.

Affiliations: Small towns, villages, religious shrines all over the world
Ranks: Ichiko (Genin), Ateji (Chuunin), Reibai (Jounin)

Not everyone can connect with the kami of the hidden world. Traveling miko and nearby shrines will frequently attempt to test children from the surrounding area to see who among them seem to be loved by the kami. Those they discover tend to be female. If they receive the family’s blessing, those children are taken to a larger shrine and taught to harness their powers under the guidance of several senior miko, or traveling under the apprenticeship of one traveling miko. This usually begins in their early teens and continues into young adulthood, and while training they are called ichiko.

When an ichiko leaves training they are considered ateji and traditionally find a shrine of their own from where they can ply their craft—which most establish near their home towns. Elder miko or miko with especially potent powers may reach a level where they are thought of as reibai, a senior shaman. Not a formal title, a reibai is a recognition of strength among the loose community of mikos. A reibai can be one of the most potent mikos in a larger temple, or an especially powerful miko from the country that nearby miko may come to asking for help with problems they cannot solve on their own.
Miko must take Paths of the Shrine Maiden as one of their lists. In addition, they are free to take taijutsu as well as any lists that non-shinobi normally have access to, substituting spirit for chakra or chi, but cannot take ninjutsu or genjutsu of any kind.

Miko also mold their energy in a unique way. Their spiritual or kami power is poured evenly into any Miko power, so they do not use the typical chakra usage rules.

Unique Archetypes
Blessed Bushi
Special: Once per thread, the miko may dispel a single enemy ninjutsu by striking it with weapon. As a ritual, she may remove all stat penalties from another person, who recovers from fatigue as if fully rested..
Primary: Physical
Stats: +2 Strength, +1 Speed, -1 Power, -2 Reserves
The Blessed Bushi blends martial technique with divine teaching. With weapon in hand, she wades through the battlefield, calling on the spirits to protect her allies and lay waste to her enemies. Often mistaken for samurai, the Blessed Bushi is as much a student of war as ritual.

Spirit Talker
Special: Once per thread, the miko hears the voices of the kami and may break out of all genjutsu affecting her. As a ritual, she may ask the kami a yes/no question and receives a true answer.
Primary: Chakra
Stats: +2 Power, +1 Control, -1 Tactics, -2 Stamina
While all miko channel the power of the spirits, the Spirit Talker communicates with them on a more fundamental level. She hears them whisper and visits them in her sleep. The Spirit Talker walks the line between the world of the living and the realm of spirits, and she must mind that gap.

Divine Scholar
Special: Whenever the miko takes a secondary path technique, they may instead take a universal ninjutsu of the same stage, like a swap technique. She must meet all special requirements, such as necessary archetypes.
Primary: Chakra
Stats: +2 Control, +1 Intelligence, -1 Speed, -2 Strength
A student of ancient, lost techniques and a bastion of information regarding spirits, chakra, and chi, the Divine Scholar is at home among scrolls and tomes. Through her wide knowledge base, she's capable of even stranger feats than most miko, and her thirst for learning drives her to gain yet more mystic power.

Special: Once per thread, the miko calls on the spirits to alter causality, allowing her to redirect the effects and injuries of any one attack to herself. As a ritual, she may lay hands on a recently deceased corpse and see the last five minutes of their life.
Primary: Chakra
Stats: +1 Power, +1 Control, +1 Willpower, -3 Tactics
Sin-Eaters are those miko most concerned with the rituals of death and the nature of the beyond. Called upon before funerals, the Sin-Eater oversees the process of absolving the deceased of sin and guilt, allowing them to pass on in peace, by taking the spiritual stain into themselves. Sin-Eaters manipulate life, always aware of the looming presence of death.

Holy Vessel
Special: The miko gains additional power usages at levels 1, 4, and 6. Additionally, the miko is always aware of the presence of bijuu and their hosts.
Primary: Chakra
Stats: +3 Reserves, -3 Stamina
Overflowing with divine energy, the Holy Vessel is a true conduit for the power of spirits. She feels the hum of chakra, chi, and all other life currents. As a wellspring of spiritual power, Holy Vessels are often the lead priestesses of their shrines, but are enticing to creatures from the other world, who see them as doorways to the physical plane.

Note to Combo Archetype Makers: The Miko Archetypes Should Not Be Used As An Example Unless You’re Making a Miko Archetype.

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