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The Guide to Engi Points

TP (Thread Points)

How can thread points be earned?
Thread points are earned through roleplay. A thread that meets our minimum requirements for length and posts (3000 words/10 posts per participant) may be posted for rating in the Thread Ratings Forum. A staff member will read and rate the thread in due time, and each participant will be informed of how many thread points he or she has earned.
How can thread points be used?
Thread points may be used to increase a character’s stats, jutsu, or inventory. Unless specifically stated otherwise when the points are given, points earned in one thread may be used to purchase one jutsu. Any additional thread points earned may then be used for stats and inventory as desired. Characters with the Bookworm Archetype are the only exception to this rule.
Special notes to remember:
In a case where a character gains one thread point and needs two to purchase a stage of taijutsu (as is the case for characters with physical stats as the tertiary stat block), the point may be saved for future use for that purpose. In all other cases, thread points are expected to be spent immediately.

Thread points convert into weapons points based on a predetermined rate found here.

Thread points are obviously meant to be applied to the character that was used to earn them.

There is no limit to the amount of thread points that can be applied to any one character.

AP (Account Points)

How can account points be earned?
Account points are something of a reward or ‘currency’ on Engi and are used to improve characters. Typically they originate from staff and are distributed to other members, though members are welcome to distribute any AP they may have as well. Account points are sometimes used as payment for work done for staff. They can be offered as part of a contest. They could even be given away at random for no particular reason at all. Opportunities present themselves regularly.
How can account points be used?
These are points that can be used to increase a character’s stats, jutsu, or inventory. They function exactly like thread points with a few exceptions. There is a maximum limit of AP that can be placed on any one character (8 AP for stats, with a maximum of 3 to any single stat, and 3 AP for jutsu. Total of 11 AP). AP may be applied to any character, regardless of the one that may have been used to earn it. AP may also be saved for later use, should it be desired.
Special notes to remember:
AP maximums may vary for staff or Engi donators.

Any AP gained or used must be recorded by the roleplayer in this thread. Any AP claimed that is not tracked in the account points thread is subject to removal by staff.

GMAP (GM Account Points)

How can GMAP be earned?
GMAP can only be given from village GMs to members for specific purposes. Participation in special story arcs, involvement in character drives, or work done on behalf of the village GM may result in payment via GMAP.
How can GMAP be used?
GMAP may be used to increase stats, jutsu, or inventory in the same manner as thread points or AP. There is no limitation for the amount of GMAP that may be used on any one character as is the case for regular AP. The only restriction is that GMAP must be used on characters from the village in which they’ve been given. The village GM will typically dictate any additional expectations for GMAP if he or she has any (to be used at creation or for a specific character, for example).
Special notes to remember:
When using GMAP to increase a character’s stats, jutsu, or inventory, it’s best to contact the GM that gave it in order to have the changes made in the character sheet. Since there isn’t an established thread to keep track of GMAP, the appropriate village GM is likely the only one willing to make the requested character sheet adjustments.

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