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Basic Combat Rules

Note: Most of this applies to one on one combat. The guidelines that apply to massive battles will be marked as such.
  • The Number One, most important rule: Do not call your hits. It is essentially a form of playing your opponent's character when you say that your Katon Ryuuka smashes into their character. Describe the attempt, even write up the factors going against the opponent being able to dodge, but in the end, the choice of getting hit or not lays with the opponent. Always. A mod or admin will step in if a dodge is excessive.
  • Rule Two: It goes hand in hand with rule number one. Combat is about give and take, not just take. If you dodge everything, with ease, in a battle with someone of the same rank, there might be a problem. Part of give and take is admitting when you are disadvantaged. Rank is an important factor. A Genin might be able to fight with a Chuunin, but he is disadvantaged. A Genin fighting a Jounin ranked Shinobi is practically doomed to lose.
  • Rule Three: One attack. That is what a fighting post should consist of. Combat is a chess match, you do not take multiple turns in chess. Feel free to add dialogue, thoughts, feelings, descriptions, and such to your combat post. But do not exceed one attack per post unless your opponent has given you permission to perform a combo. When you state that your character performs this, and then that, and finishes with a last technique, you are also saying that your opponent stood there and did nothing while you were being flashy with your techniques. That is a definite abuse.
  • Rule Four: Group Combat. Clones, summons, these things are bound by one attack rule as well. Now, here is the deal with many vs. one combat. If everything you control is attacking, you need to specific either an order ("the kage bunshin attacked with X, then the summon did Y, finally the character finished with Z") or state that they are all attacking at the same time ("kage bunshin did X, summon did Y, and character did Z, all converging on the opponent".) Note: keep in mind that if you are attacking the same person at the same time, one good dodge will evade the attacks. I've seen a whole lot of "there was no way he could dodge all of these" when the truth of the matter is that if everyone is headed for one specific point, all a character has to do is not be at that point to avoid being hit.
  • Rule Four, sub1: Dodging a Group When attacked by a group, try to account for the fact that it is significantly harder to dodge a succession of attacks. Unless there is a decent rank difference, many on one is almost always disadvantageous for the one. Play accordingly.
  • Rule Five: Certain jutsus are meant to end combat (or keep it from ever starting.) Kanashibari, for example, paralyses the opponent, effectively ending the combat. A jutsu that is unavoidable and effectively ends combat should not be used in a thread where death is enabled. This isn't prohibited, per say, but if you use Kanashibari and then slay your helpless opponent, expect a less than pleasant note in your inbox. Note: feel free to use such techniques against clones, summons, etc, regardless of a thread being enabled for death or not.
There may be more rules added, or older rules amended in the future as the staff sees fit. Please do your best to keep up with announced changes; ignorance is not an excuse.
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