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Taijutsu Summary

While Ninjutsu and Genjutsu focus upon the application of Chakra, Taijutsu is founded upon the strength of the body. Hands, feet, arms, legs, and weapons are utilized in different forms of Taijutsu we call "Taijutsu styles". The requirements for most styles are based upon the Physical statistics: Strength, Speed, and Stamina. However, that does not mean that Taijutsu are a completely separate entity from Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, as some styles do exist that incorporate the use of Chakra.

There are several different types of styles on Engi no Jutsu:
  • Pure Taijutsu : Pure Taijutsu are based solely on the body. Little to no Chakra is involved with Pure Taijutsu, though chakra can be used to augment the body during special techniques. A few examples of Pure Taijutsu styles are Chimamire Kutsuoto (Bloodstained Footsteps), and Kyuusaku-Ken (Desperate Measure Fist).
  • Weapon Taijutsu : Weapon Taijutsu are based around a weapon, whether it's a sword or a shield or a bow and arrow, different weapon styles use each weapon in different manners. They can be purely physical or involve Chakra in their special techniques. The benefit of Weapon styles are their versatility between physicality and Chakra, as well as the added perk of having a weapon. Examples of a few Weapon Taijutsu styles are Chigitana no Kenbu (Sword Dance of the Bloody Sword), Shinigami no Oshie (Teachings of the Shinigami), and Isshiki Ikioi Hanpatsu (Reflect All Force).
  • Hybrid Taijutsu : Hybrid Taijutsu are an interesting mix of physical combat and Chakra application. At their core, they are purely physical-based styles that reach their full potential when the Chakra-based special techniques are purchased. A Hybrid style can also be expensive to max out as it requires meeting the stage requirements, the special technique requirements, then purchases of the stage and each special technique, but the power output and adaptability of Hybrid styles can be formidable. Examples of a few Hybrid Taijutsu styles are Right Season Worker's Glove and Ekitai-Kenfu (Fluid Fist Style).
  • Chakra-based Taijutsu : Chakra-based Taijutsu heavily incorporate either the use of Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. These styles are geared towards characters who are Ninjutsu or Genjutsu specialists, but who still want to be able to take a Taijutsu style. Taking a physically-oriented style can be difficult for them because their Physical stats are lower, so Chakra-based Taijutsu styles become a viable option. While Chakra-based styles will, on purely physical terms, never be able to match up to a regular Taijutsu style, they have a bonus of being able to grant a special ability boost at each stage to make up for the gap. A few examples of Chakra-based Taijutsu styles are Madoiken (Illusion Fist) and Seido Kobushi (Precision Fist).

Any character can take a Taijutsu style and is limited only by their costs. Depending on the type of your character, you pay different costs for Taijutsu styles. The more physical your character is, the less you have to pay for Taijutsu, while the less physical your character is, the more you have to pay.
  • Physical Primary : Characters with the Physical stat block as their Primary stat block only need to pay one jutsu point per stage for up to two different Taijutsu styles.
  • Physical Secondary : Characters with the Physical stat block as their Secondary stat block only need to pay one jutsu point per stage for their first Taijutsu style. All extra styles cost two points per stage.
  • Physical Tertiary : Characters with the Physical stat block as their Tertiary stat block must pay two jutsu points per stage for every Taijutsu style.

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