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Cursed Seals

Cursed seals exist on Engi, but they are considered rare, dangerous, and generally not suited for inexperienced players. The main thing about cursed seals that should be kept in mind is the cursed part of the name. Though seals largely bend the normal rules of jutsu, they are never an excuse to have unfathomably amounts of power. Seals confer bonuses and benefits to their bearers, but these merits are always, always outweighed by significant flaws and drawbacks. Any seal which is openly a net gain for the bearer will not be allowed through, and even well-balanced seals are not guaranteed to be allowed due to the often major ramifications of a seal character's history on the village itself.

Seals are subject to the following rules:

1. Seals require at least a Head Moderator's approval and the approval of the Village GM for wherever the character is being registered.
2. An individual character may only have one seal.
3. A seal counts as a jutsu list and takes up a spot accordingly, whether or not the seal costs any jutsu points.
4. A seal may have up to seven stages and may include specific abilities/jutsu on these stages, but neither is required.
5. Seal stage requirements should match corresponding requirements of a normal ninjutsu/genjutsu list.
6. Seals created for a village by a GM are under that GM's control and should not be spread without permission.

When registering a seal, use this general template:

Seal Name: The name of the seal
Seal Description: What the seal looks like and how it came to be. Include what the seal does if appropriate.
Seal Bonus: The specific abilities and boons conferred by the seal. This is where any stages and individual jutsu-like abilities should be included and tiered appropriately. In general, seals have ninjutsu-type abilities in an extraordinary, often transforming way.
Seal Weakness: The trade off for having/using the seal. Seals with mechanical bonuses (clear jutsu effects) should usually have mechanical weaknesses (penalties with nin/gen/taijutsu, lowered usages, reduced lists, etc). Fluffy, ie ruleless, weaknesses may also exist and total weaknesses should outweigh total bonuses.

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