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Swap Jutsu Limitations

Swap jutsu are, by nature, quite open and welcome to ideas. However, because of this very openness, there is always the possibility that a particular jutsu is going to be considered unbalanced. Obviously, registering a mechanical justification for godmoding (“This jutsu makes me immune to damage and fire streams from my eyes”) isn't going to be met well. That said, Engi has run for several years and rules of them and what can and cannot happen with personal jutsu have sprung up. The following list is subject to change, but should always be kept in mind.


1. Stat scaling is not allowed in swaps: if a technique creates X fireballs for every Y of a stat, that is stat scaling.
2. Stage scaling is allowed in swaps: jutsu that increase in magnitude or effect based on the stage being used have stage scaling. Note that the highest stage scaling can get to is Stage Five effects.
3. Personal bunshin, ie any physical clone like the sand or rock bunshins, are not allowed.
4. Defensive jutsu will be automatically rated at least one stage higher than what they can block. So, if Sai creates an Ink Wall jutsu that stops stage four ninjutsu, it will be at least a stage five swap.
5. Utility jutsu that raise physical stats are allowed, but they must be coupled with a drawback. If Strength level increases for some posts, it should drop for some posts after, too.


6. No mind control. Any genjutsu that attempts to force a target to take or not take specific actions will not be allowed. A genjutsu may imply that a course of action is bad, but it cannot pigeonhole someone into roleplaying a particular way.
6. Genjutsu that completely remove a sense will be under a great deal of scrutiny and are unlikely to pass. Rendering someone utterly blind or deaf provides enough combat advantage so as to be unbalanced.
8. Otherwise removing a target from combat with a single genjutsu will also be on watch. Techniques which overwhelm someone with sensory input (usually light, sound, or pain) and thus cripple them will be met unfavorably.


9. Make sure the technique belongs to the list it's registered for. In particular, be sure that a swap special wouldn't be better served as a swap ninjutsu. Too much chakra involvement can tip it over the line.
10. 'Combo techs' (such as Lion Combo as performed by Sasuke) are allowed, but multi-hit techniques will require opponent permission to continue in full.

All Systems

11. In general, avoid registering pre-existing techniques. Creating a swap that's suspiciously like Ryuuka no Jutsu to put it in Global Ninjutsu and avoid taking the rest of the katon list will not sit well with anyone in registry.
12. Staff reserves a right to keep anyone from registering a 'personal tree'. If a character is taking primarily or largely swap jutsu and little else, there is likely going to be an issue. Please keep the number of swaps per character reasonable.
13. When registered, a swap jutsu is created for a single character. However, with the creator's permission, a swap jutsu may be taught in-character to someone else and thereby made available to the student to purchase and use.

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