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Kusagakure List - Grass Ninjutsu

Kei no Koujou ( Vine Whip )
Type: Stage 2; Ninjutsu
Requirements: Seeds, Kaika
Description: Charging chakra into a seed, the user augments its growth dramatically, forcing the seed to grow into a combat-durable three foot long whip. The user can then use this weapon as their own to swat away attacks, as well as foe. The weapon will crumble and break apart after three posts.

Shushitama ( Bullet Seed )
Type: Stage 2; Ninjutsu
Requirements: Seeds, Kaika
Description: Taking a handful of seeds and throwing them in their mouth, the user spits them out in a celeric display of ability. The seeds move with such speed that they can cut and pierce skin, though nowhere deep enough to cause a fatal or debilitating injury. This offensive technique is primarily used for a means of distraction and/or a viable option during close-combat. The seeds are spit out with a speed level of two, and no more than a dozen may be spit per technique usage.

Hirumi ( Leech Seed )
Type: Stage 3; Ninjutsu
Requirements: Seeds, Kaika
Description: The user prepares the seeds beforehand, and then gives them to their patient to swallow. Inside the stomach of the target the seed will be guided by chakra to actively leech any foreign toxins and/or bacteria that are plaguing the system, absorbing the energy into itself before being torn apart by the stomach acids. A solvent for someone who seems to be ill and/or poisoned, effectively relieving the body of the poison therefore causing its effects to end in the next two posts. This can only leech out registered poisons in the basic-weapons list that aren't lethal, and no more.

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