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Default (Narf) Raidou's Swaps


- Sound Genjutsu
- Each Technique May Affect A Maximum Of 3 Targets Per Instance

Hitode Shichou (Crowd Attention) [2]
Hear the user say “1, 2, 3, Go!”
This genjutsu somewhat amplifies the user’s voice to the target(s) but on a rather small scale. It only makes the words that the user says much clearer and easier to distinguish than they normally would be. This effectively minimizes all sounds around them so that the most noticeable feature would be whatever the user would be saying. It seems that even when the target(s) put their hands over their ears to muffle the sound it won’t make the words inaudible or distort them to the point where they couldn’t be realistically heard, but that’s not to say it doesn’t affect anything. Maximum number of targets is however many are caught by the trigger.

My Friends [6]
Hear the user say the technique name.
Suddenly the target will see a monstrous horde of corpses arise from the ground around them, taking on the appearance of people they have seen in their lifetime. As to avoid confusion, however, they only see those which they haven’t seen in at least an hour’s time. They are animated and very decrepit, usually pale and slightly deformed. As well, their numbers are dependent on the user and their preferences. If the target(s) should find themselves coming into contact with said figures they will be grasped by their cold grips and bitten while being restrained.

With each corpse “destroyed” (they have a relatively low stamina, falling apart after a single hit) more will arrive out of the ground until the end of the duration. For all intents and purposes they are nothing less than realistic to the target(s) and prove to be a great distraction. They usually seem to show signs of slowing down after being caught by the corpses and it can make for a useful ability should the user need to drain a bit of their opponent’s stamina. Maximum number of targets are two per instance.

We All Deserve To Die [5]
Hear the user say the technique name.
Being close to death isn’t that bad. As soon as the phrase is uttered the target(s) begin to feel really sick, growing weak and finding it a real struggle to even move with their full strength without them falling over or at the worst passing out (seemingly). The longer the genjutsu lasts the more strain is placed on the user’s body to stay active. Everything around them slowly decays, rotting and inducing a smell that can provoke vomit on weak/full stomachs. Maximum number of targets are three per instance.

Demons Are Prowling [5]
Hear the user say the technique name.
Heart racing, sweating profusely, and an abundance of fidgeting about hits the target(s) as they start to get paranoid over every little thing around them. Threats seem to be lurking in the shadows all around them, hidden behind every tree and somehow walking around them undetected. Slight movements from branches seem like they are being attacked and will usually resort in them attacking it in some fashion or manner. It’s especially hard to focus in combat, seeing as how you’d have to have some sort of way of protecting your every angle from being attacked. Maximum number of targets are three per instance.


- Kinjutsu: Shibito Ayutsuri

Bakuyaku Itai (Explosive Corpse) [5]
What the fuck do you think happens? A corpse explodes with the strength of two explosion tags. It might be a waste, right? Who cares? It works great when you’re going for the easier kills. Detonates any corpse under the user's control within the range that their level of Shikon no Jutsu allows.


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