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Default (Narf) Kuro Suiton Swaps

--> Kuro Suiton Ninjutsu
Hokusai/Joururi Inspired Swaps

Name: Abura Baindo (Oil Bind)
Stage: 2
Description: "You see that big glob of oil on the floor that I created a while ago? Go ahead, you should step in it and watch it how anything you touch it with gets frozen in place like an omega adhesive. You can try getting out all you'd like, but as long as you don't have a strength level of two you're stuck in this thing for two entire posts. I can only target one body of oil at time, however, so in order to catch multiple targets at once you would have to be standing in the same pool of oil. I have to wait one post after I activate it before I use it again." -- Despite popular belief, anyone with Oil Walking is unaffected by this technique.

Name: Ikimono Soushi (Animal Creation)
Stage: 3
Description: Out from an available source of oil jets a small animal. It's as black as the oil itself but retains the anatomy of the animal it's impersonating. Nothing larger than a small dog can be made at this time, and a single offensive attack can destroy them. Their means of attack depends on what animal is made, but the variety in what is made is the real kicker.

Name: Kuroi Kougake (Black Gauntlet)
Stage: 2
Description: Akino places his hand in a puddle of oil and coats in a Boxing Glove. However the manner in which it works is a bit different than expected. Whenever the gloved hand comes into contact with his opponent's body it seems to add an extra force onto the attack which can easily feel as if (on top of him hitting them) a large rubber ball imploded on their skin, which can make for some pretty rough bruises along with slight burning of the skin at the point of impact. The glove disperses after each attack, and a new one must be formed if the effect was desired again.

Name: Bakuhatsu (Detonation)
Stage: 3
Description: This can only be used as a follow up, so long as one of the user's clones is still on the field. A surge of chakra will cause the clone to burst, imploding in an array of pellets that have the same force as a paintball. The effect is scattered and cannot be controlled as far as who it hits and when, but the timing of the detonation is so on point that so long as the actual chakra from the clone hasn't been dispersed, this technique can be utilized.

Name: Abura Teichi (Oil Spying)
Stage: 2
Description: "So I splash some oil all up on you and I drench some of your clothes. Well, by closing one of my eyes and focusing my chakra in that oil I can see through the substance I put it on. Or, in this example, your clothes. It's a spying technique though. I'll put the oil on the wall and concentrate, and then see with the oil as a catalyst my vision will be changed to see through it. It can only see through whatever it's immediately touching, and I can only have one instance of it activated at a time."

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