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Default (Narf) Katon Swaps

--> Katon Ninjutsu
Name: Houka no Shippuu (Fire Hurricane)
Stage: 6
Description: Devastating in only a certain number of ways, this technique concentrates on the user's ability to strike an opponent. First the user will charge their katon chakra into a single kunai or hand blade that they are currently wielding, for one post. It takes nothing more than a stream of chakra into the inanimate object and a firm grip to store the amount necessary to utilize the technique. Once done, the weapon will give off a hot intensity, and anyone extremely close to it (a foot or less away) will feel the dormant fire lying in wait. The user will find an opportune moment - although it has to be during the following post after charging - to thrust their arm out in a punch. The punch can be any variation of a punch, but has to be a punch utilizing the hand gripping the weapon.

Not a moment after the punch is extended to it's full reach, or alternatively lands against the opponent, a 3x5 foot explosion of flames erupt from the front of the weapon and blasts through whichever direction the user punched. The potency of the flames make it so that it can potentially pierce and revert stones to piles of magma. But because of such strength its size and reach isn't incredibly useful taking away some of it's combative power. If by chance the user drops the weapon any time during build-up before it is actually released, the chakra will dispel out of the weapon and the attack will be deemed useless until another charge has been prepared. This technique also has a cooldown of four posts.

Name: Inshigun (Recluse Army)
Stage: 4
Description: Focusing chakra in one of their hands, this takes on the same preparation as the Houka no Shippuu. One post of building up chakra into a single fist is required before the actual technique can be used. This time an aura of flame surrounds the user's fist, alerting the opponent of the dangers awaiting them. Then in the same manner they punch forward, not releasing the chakra until the attack either comes to a halt or meets with a solid surface. From the front of the user's fist comes a barrage of miniature fireballs equivalent in size to the Housenka no Jutsu. Unless measures are taken care of to reduce the strength of the attack, the user suffers a chance of receiving mild burns on his fists after exposure to the attacks. They each have the capability to strike down their opponent while giving them first degree burns wherever they were struck. This attack has a limit of two uses per thread because of the damage that it could cause to the user should they continuously build up Katon chakra in their arms. And after each use it suffers from a four post cooldown.

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