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There was no warning when the rain started. That was the first indication that something was wrong. The weather in Lightning Country was frequently overcast during certain times of the year, and rain always came with clouds or at least thunder. That and his joints ached just so whenever an actual storm was approaching. This wasn't normal. It immediately put him on edge, and his gloved hands tightened into fists. There was no telling was going to happen next, and even as the raptors rushed past in the trees surrounding him and Hanabi, he knew he had to be ready for anything.

Nothing could have prepared him for what happened next.

Ozawa Sento had survived countless battles--an entire civil war that spanned nearly half a decade, with fighting that stretched back nearly twenty years. He could fill a library with the stories of the things he had seen. Nothing could possibly be stranger than what he was looking at now.

Wrapping his mind around a moving, humanoid mass of water was hard enough, and for a brief second, he froze. It towered over the tree line, still a significant distance away but close enough that the water that formed its massive body was being caught in the rapidly heightening winds. Sento's one good eye widened; he wasn't above admitting that, in that moment, fear had a firm grip on his mind. This wasn't at all like fighting the regular denizens of the jungle; they were clearly outmatched. And, thus far, unseen.

"...we need to leave."
And with that, Sento was already moving.

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