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Sento didn't say anything at first. He might have very well chased his own child into the jungle. Then again, his children were Kumogakure chuunin and not helpless, untrained kids. His eye narrowed a bit and he nodded slowly, absently scratching at the headband on his forehead.

There were a number of things that could have identified Sento as a Cloud shinobi. It could have been the dog tags hanging around his neck, or the gray and black armband around his right bicep bearing his rank. The lightning-based ninjutsu was a dead giveaway. It wasn't something that he was hiding, thus he merely nodded in acknowledgement that Hanabi was right. "Ozawa Sento. And, as far as who you were following..."

"You might have to consider them lost." The one-eyed shinobi spoke in a calm and even tone. While it could have easily been considered cold, the phrase was devoid of any real emotion. It was just a statement of fact. "Out here, untrained and unarmed? ...I dunno if I believe in that kind of luck."

That, of course, left the question of what he was doing there. At that, he merely shrugged, casually tearing at what was left of his armor. The shirt beneath was fine save a few rips, exposing an almost alarming number of scars on his torso. His armor was shredded to a point where it was doing nothing but weighing the Kumogakure shinobi down; he discarded it without a second thought. "Came out here looking for something," he replied gruffly. Whether he'd found it or not, he didn't say. Instead he cast his eyes skyward, ears tuned to the rustling of the trees.

"Don't suppose it matters now. Neither of us should be here."
Despite being weaponless, Ozawa Sento was plenty dangerous. The perils of the jungle were numerous, and if the stories of the natives of the island were to be believed, vicious raptors and tigers weren't even close to the most deadly things one could come across. He wasn't in a particularly explorative mood, and Hanabi didn't immediately strike him as annoying--which was, all things considered, rather impressive.

"We should probably start moving before something else decides we're main course material."

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