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Sento wasn't at all amused by the situation. He was safe, and Hanabi seemed more than capable of handling herself. As the number of attackers rapidly dwindled, the Kumo-nin stood straight up, releasing the jutsu that had been guarding him. Taking up the spear in his right hand, he looked over the carnage as the remaining raptors retreated into the brush. It seemed that they'd realized their numbers weren't going to be as advantageous as they had originally thought.

He knew plenty of humans that had made that mistake, too.

"Well. That was fun." Sento clenched and unclenched his right hand, errant streaks of lightning streaming between his fingers. "Good to know there's no damsels in distress out here."

He moved to hand the spear back to her. Under normal circumstances he might've been impressed, but now wasn't the time and this wasn't the place. Even he had to admit, though, that not being by himself in this gods-forsaken jungle put his mind at ease. "So... Iwagakure, right?" It was a guess, but an educated one--not that Earth Country was full of exceptionally tall spear-wielding women.

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