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Default Assault on Giant

It wasn't often that "Yarisugi" Hanabi was sent anywhere as an envoy for Iwagakure. She was a spear in a field of willows; she stood unbending where she should yield. Negotiation wasn't a skill the jounin had developed. She had been told very explicitly that she was not to engage with Tori Trade on her journey—a fair order, considering Hanabi's opinion on the Coalition and the company's rumored involvement with the criminals.

She should have expected this to happen, really. When the—what did they call them, Lac?—woman had stumbled into the camp, bleeding and gasping about her child "still being back there," Hanabi had hesitated only long enough to excuse herself from the Kajoukami rep's spiel. She had been following the woman when the jungle cat appeared, and by the time she had dealt with it, her guide was gone.

Surely she went this way, Hanabi thought, pushing forward. The trees tore at her clothing—not her normal mission fare, on order of the Tsuchikage, but a smart collared shirt and trousers. Well, the shirt had been smart; now a set of claw-marks decorated the back where the predator had taken a swing at Hanabi, and blood coated her arms up to the elbow.

The jounin paused in her efforts to find the woman she had followed into the jungle to pick up a fallen stave of wood. It wasn't quite straight, but it would do; she whittled the tip to a point with her pocket knife—which not even Hagana had been able to convince her to leave behind—as she stalked forward. She had a serviceable spear by the time she heard anything large moving through the forest.

Hanabi raised the weapon, ready to bury it into the hide of another jungle cat, but wasn't prepared for the form that came through the trees. Large—as large as her—muscled—possibly more than she—and... decorated? Stone had no official diplomatic relations with Cloud, but Hanabi could recognize a soldier when she saw one. No....a—Command Sergeant?

The jounin began to lower the spear, but there was a crash and a horrible roar from the direction the stranger had just come. Hanabi spared a second to glance at the man's condition—his clothes were shredded like hers, perhaps even more so, and she didn't see any weapons on him.

Well, she thought, turning towards the dark forest as whatever the creature was drew nearer. This should be interesting.
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